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litter "A"
born 3.7. 2002
mother: Debra Madbull Farm
father: Filla Rott-Bull

litter "B"
born 8.5. 2004
mother: Debra Madbull Farm
father: Andy Zambull Farm

litter "C"
born 18.4.2005
mother: Anča ze Strážců džbánů
father: Shadow-Fighter Gordon

litter "D"
born 29.9.2005
mother: Flo z Oříšků
father: Somogyvári-Vitéz Tobiás

litter "E"
born 23.1.2007
mother: Debra Madbul Farm
father: Multi.CH. Higness Royal Kviz

litter "F"
born 10.1.2008
mother: Dasha N.O.Chaos
father: CH. Bear von Hohenbeilstein

litter "G"
born 10.1.2008
mother: CH. Daffie Bulls of Carlo
father: CH. Good and Plenty from Heck Tree

litter "H"
born 18.08.2008
mother: CH.Daffie Bulls of Carlo
father: JCH. Walter del paése

litter "CH"
born 15.10.2009
mother: CH. Elle N.O.Chaos
father: CH Fred Miracle Bulls

litter "I"
born 18.03.2011
mother: CH. Elle N.O.Chaos
father: CH. Fungus Ha-Szani Vendy

litter "J"
born 11.02.2012
mother: CH. Xena del paése
father: Garp N.O.Chaos