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Kniha návštěv

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The meal went without incident although a couple of times she had to avert her gaze from Dan for fear of bursting out laughing. Dan went up to his room saying he wanted to listen to music, he laid on his bed playing with himself waiting for his father to leave. He thought about the events of the last two weeks it had been the craziest time of his life.

He put it all down to Mary Harris, she had been his girlfriend for two years, he liked her a lot, she was pretty and intelligent two things that rarely combined in his experience, the problem was she steadfastly refused to let him put his cock inside her, he had thought he was getting somewhere when he took his cock out that evening in the cinema when she had finally allowed him to get his hand inside her panties, it was the first time she had allowed him to do any more than play with her tits. He had taken her hand and placed it on his erection, initially he had been pleased to hear her sharp intake of breath when she felt the size of him and he was encouraged when she began stroking him.

It was later that the problem started, he had her in the car park, they were kissing, her sweater was pushed up together with her bra and he was sucking on her nipples. He managed to get her laid across the front of one of the cars, his hand up her skirt, trying to pull down her panties. That was when she had stopped him.


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